Transportation Registration Deadline Approaching

Register before Aug. 1 to ensure service on the first day of school. Registrations received after Aug. 1 may not be processed until after Sept. 18 and will experience delays of two to three weeks before they can ride the bus.

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Staff Directory


Prinicipal/Directrice - Mme Jocelyn Littlefair

Assistant Principal/Directrice adjointe - Mrs. Lauren Condrashoff

Secretary III - Mrs. Tanya Massey

Secretary II - Mrs. Sharalee Lange


Mrs. Darlene Gagne

Mme Rachel Stevenson

Grade One

Ms. Jamie Derko

Ms. Tammy Dikeman

Mme Cindy Hodges

Mme Cheryl Procee

Grade One/Two

Mme Elyse Schlichter

Grade Two

Mme Caitlin Cornell

Mrs. Genevieve Frankemolle

Miss Sammi Raybould

Mme Brittany Swain

Grade Three

Mme Margaret Keith-Chester

Mme Mary Beth Chisholm

Miss Ebony Forbes

Mme Angie Pottier

Grade Three/Four

Mr. Sebastian Kass

Mme Cecile Marquis

Grade Four

Mme Josee Mellsen

Ms. Kelly Friesen

Grade Four/Five

Mme Ashley Wigemyr

Grade Five

Mme Leanne Rinne

Student Supports

Computer Technician - Nikhil Guar

Learning Commons Facilitator - Ms. Jessica Machacek

Music Teacher - Mrs. Leanne McCaffrey

Child Development Advisor - Mrs. Nancy Turner

Learning Support Team

Learning Assistant - Mrs. Dawn Dering

Learning Assistant - Ms. Jennifer Doyle

Learning Assistant - Mrs. Brandilee Elson

Literacy & ELL Support - Mrs. Alex Gillingham

Learning Assistant - Mrs. Barb Halliday

Learning Support Teacher - Mrs. Gillian Hatto

Learning Assistant - Mrs. Mimi Isaman

Learning Assistant - Mrs. Heather Larson

Learning Assistant - Ms. Elise Poitras

Learning Assistant - Mrs. Melissa Simpson

Building Maintenance

Head Building Operator - Mr. Michael Nardo

Caretaker I - Mr. Jon Camacho

Head Caretaker - Ms. B.J. Holfeld

Caretaker I - Mrs. Jennylyn Ignacio

Land Acknowledgment

Rocky View Schools would like to acknowledge the land and recognize all the Indigenous Peoples whose footprints have marked these lands from time immemorial. Together, we can learn and honour the Ways of Knowing of Indigenous Peoples for all future generations.